10 Reasons to Visit Guerrero

We present 10 good reasons to visit Guerrero and enjoy its incredible attractions to the fullest! Have you been?

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Here we give you 10 reasons to visit Guerrero. Do you want to add any?

1. For its weather and gorgeous beaches

The best time to visit Guerrero when its weather is at its finest. In December and January the golden sand of its beaches is washed by warm waves, the air is warm, and the sky is clear.

Acapulco is one of Mexico’s main tourist resorts. It promises thrills, fun, and the best accommodations. It has two amazing bays: Santa Lucía and Puerto Marqués, whose gorgeous cliffs and more than 12 miles of beautiful beaches run from Barra Vieja to Pie de la Cuesta.

Another option is Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. The almost 2 miles of beach in El Palmar, Ixtapa’s hotel zone, is certified as the country’s longest beach. And then in Zihuatanejo, visitors can enjoy La Ropa, La Madera, and La Principal Beaches, known for their quiet waters.

For adventure lovers, we recommend visiting the area of Guerrero around Ixtapa. That is where you will find the bays Papanoa, Barra de Potosí, and Troncones. They are ideal for surfing and are home to crocodile and turtle reserves. Other can’t-miss spots are the towns of Playa Ventura, Copala, and Marquelia in the Costa Chica Region. Their lush vegetation and magnificent scenery make them look like wild frontier.

2. For the thrill of its athletic activities

In Acapulco, activities such as surfing, sport fishing, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, and riding personal watercraft can be done year-round.

At this port, golf fans can choose from five gorgeous courses. The Mayan Palace, The Fairmont Acapulco Princess, and The Fairmont Pierre Marqués hotels all offer courses, in addition to the Acapulco Golf Course and that of Tres Vidas. Meanwhile, tennis players have their pick of more than 84 courts.

For nature lovers, an excellent choice is the fast Shotover Jet boats. These offer lagoon tours on the Puerto Marqués Lagoon, or you could take a Jungle Tour through the mangrove forests of Coyuca Lagoon.

As far as sports events go, Acapulco has a packed schedule of international events, including bossaball, Mexican Tennis Open, Mexican Gymnastics Open, triathlons such as the competition in Puerto Marqués, and a number of races that keep the adrenaline flowing year-round.

On the other hand, in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo you can enjoy the best golfing and surfing for both professionals and amateurs, scuba diving, fishing, and sailing. Moreover, you can bike a trail running for almost 9 miles and offering spectacular views. Golfers have two magnificent courses available to them: Palma Real and Marina Ixtapa, designed by famous golf pros Robert Trent Jones Jr. and Robert von Hagge.

3. For the range and quality of its accommodations

Acapulco offers hotels for every taste, budget, and lifestyle. Its hotel infrastructure is among the best in the world and currently includes more than 18,000 rooms across all categories: from very exclusive establishments right on the beach to small hotels close to the ocean.

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo offers two cities in one, making your experience one of a kind. There is everything from the swankiest small luxury hotels nestled along the bay to charming hotels and bungalows that all offer warm hospitality and excellent service.

Another interesting option is Taxco, a beautiful colonial city that can be reached by the Turibús sightseeing bus, private car, or bus, taking the del Sol highway.

4. For its exquisite cuisine

Guerrero pleases even the most demanding foodies with its haute cuisine restaurants, natural delicacies, and wide variety of dishes for every palate.

The cuisine along the coast is famous for dishes such as Acapulco’s spin on fish ceviche, seafood cocktails, delicious Vuelve a la Vida (coming back to life) mixed seafood cocktail, and spit-roasted fish—a traditional regional specialty. Another delicacy that can’t be missed is pozole verde soup, which we recommend pairing with mezcal and chalupitas (crispy rounds of corn dough piled with toppings).

Both Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and Acapulco feature hundreds of restaurants with breathtaking ocean views that serve everything from Mexican food—from all over the country—to the best of international gastronomy.

5. For its magnificent natural scenery

Acapulco boasts two spectacular lagoons: Tres Palos and Coyuca, both filled with a wide variety of plant and animal life, making for great ecological adventures. Another spot visitors should see is the Botanical Garden. A wide range of native regional plants that help preserve the port’s biodiversity grow in this botanical garden.

In Ixtapa, the recently overhauled bike trail is perfect for skating, biking, running, and walking through the midst of lush vegetation. Along the way, visitors can enjoy the great variety of plants and animals, including the trees and mangrove forests in El Popoyote or Playa Linda estuaries. These are bird-watching paradises, where you can spot around 300 migratory and resident species.

Moreover, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is famous around the world as one of the best places for sport fishing and scuba diving. Likewise, another unforgettable experience for any visitor is the release of sea turtles, which takes place on a number of Guerrero’s beaches.

6. For the fun for all preferences and ages

There aren’t many places in the world that offer as many entertainment options for the whole family as in Acapulco.

Cici is a water park with wave pools, seal and dolphin shows, waterfalls, and waterslides.

If you are more into cultural activities, head downtown where you can visit the Nuestra Señora de la Soledad Cathedral. This cathedral is located right on the main square. Another must-see stop is San Diego Fort, a former military fort built in 1615 with stunning views of the bay. Also recommended is a ride in a charming, old-fashioned calandria, a horse-drawn carriage, down Costera avenue along the coastline. For thrill-seekers, there is nothing like bungee jumping from 164 feet above the ground with one of the best views in the world.

When visiting Guerrero, and especially this famous port, at night, watch the famous performance of the divers in La Quebradaas they plunge 115 feet into the waves. Later, enjoy Acapulco’s exhilarating nightlife—filled with the best restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in Mexico—as well as the shows in Forum Imperial arena. All the best pop music shows play here.

7. For its culture

One of Guerrero’s most outstanding cultural expressions is the Zihua-style architecture in Zihuatanejo, which has defined the coastal town’s identity. The style is characterized by the use of regional materials such as palm; wood; tile; and terracotta, ochre, and sand colored paving stones in homes and hotels.

Another suggestion is to visit Soledad de Maciel archeological site, also in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, better known by the locals as La Chole. This pre-Hispanic stretch is one of the most important Mesoamerican treasures of the Costa Grande area in Guerrero. Its pyramids were built with river rock and clay adobe. You should also visit the Xihuacán Site Museum. This museum displays ceramic pieces and stone sculptures.

Yet another marvelous destination is Taxco, the continent’s oldest mining center, known for its silver mines that date back to the colonial era. Taxco’s traditional form of silversmithing and its inhabitants’ artisanal tradition have been recognized around the world.

Its streets and buildings still retain their colonial style, especially Santa Prisca Church, a magnificent New Spanish baroque-style church. In addition, be sure to visit Spratling Museum; the former convent of San Bernardino; the Borda, Humboldt, Figueroa, and Juan Ruiz de Alarcón houses; the San Miguel, San Bernardino, and Santa Veracruz churches; and the former hacienda estates of Chorrillo and San Juan Bautista. And of course, take a ride on its cable car, from which you can take in the gorgeous views of this Magical Town.

8. For its markets and handicrafts

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo’s handicraft markets should be on every itinerary when visiting Guerrero. One is in Ixtapa (in the eastern part of the hotel zone), and the other in Zihuatanejo (beside the church, on Cinco de Mayo street). An enormous array of hand-painted ceramic pieces and regional objects such as hammocks, rugs, embroidered and woven items, and an endless supply of souvenirs are for sale. Likewise, in Zihuatanejo’s vast Central Market you can find not only handicrafts but utensils, fruit, vegetables, seafood, spices, and all kinds of things to eat.

In Taxco, don’t miss the multiple silver shops and workshops selling exquisitely designed creations. This is the place to find the best handicrafts made with silver, crafted by internationally acclaimed artisans.

9. For its New Year’s celebrations

Acapulco and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo are two of the places that thousands of Mexican families traditionally choose to send off the old year and ring in a new one when visiting Guerrero. The transition between 2011 and 2012 will be no different. To celebrate the arrival of the New Year, a celebration bursting with fireworks has been prepared that will be visible throughout Acapulco, and stupendous performances will be put on in hotels and nightclubs.

One of the most anticipated events during the December season is Gloria Trevi’s show in the Forum Imperial next December 30.

10. For its exclusive shops

Acapulco and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo offer the best shopping for beachwear and decorative accessories. Both destinations feature many stores and shopping centers that have something for everyone. In Acapulco, the best malls are Galerías Diana shopping center, La Gran Plaza, Plaza Bahía, and La Isla Shopping Village. They hold boutiques, clothing stores, shoe shops, jewelry stores, department stores, and restaurants. There is also a long list of recreational activities and entertainment options for the whole family, including movie theaters, bowling alleys, and art shows.

International brands have boutiques in Ixtapa’s shopping district, while downtown Zihuatanejo is home to several art galleries, many of which permanently show and sell local artists’ work, as well as that of artists from around the country and world. Visit Guerrero and enjoy all its charms!