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Ride the Waves in Spectacular Settings

Long and short swells churn in the waters of Nayarit, a paradise for those who love to navigate the waves.

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PLaya la Lancha-surf-Punta de Mita

Here is a list of places where you can practice this challenging activity in Punta Mita and its surrounding areas. Discover the ocean’s different personalities and maximize the enjoyment of your energy.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have surfing experience, because in each place you will find the best instructors that will guide you until you become an expert.

Consult the different tour operators that will orient you so you can choose the appropriate options for your skills. There are also children’s sessions.

  1. San Pancho. Even waves for endless surfing.
  2. Sayulita. This is an ideal place to learn how to navigate the waves.
  3. Litibú. This is the perfect place for beginners, there are many waves that break within and that allow you to stand up.
  4. La Bahía. Ideal for surfing at high tide.
  5. El Faro. This is the best place to play with the waves. Arrive before the sun appears in the sky.
  6. Anclote. Beginners will find long, slow, and soft waves here.
  7. Stinkys. This is a favorite for beginners.
  8. Palmitas. Surfers come here at high tide. 
  9. La Lancha. Boasts good waves for long boards.
  10. Burros. Here surfers’ maneuvers have no limits. You can surf with long or short boards.
  11. Paredón. This is perfect when there are strong waves.
  12. Veneros. This is the best-loved place for short board surfers.

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