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Admire Andrés Quintana Roo Museum’s Pre-Hispanic Collection

Archeological pieces from the Teotihuacan area and the Toltec people are curated in this museum.

On Independencia avenue stands this museum that zealous guards a collection of archeological finds from Teotihuacan and the Toltec culture. In all, there are around 280 pieces. Highlights include a Chac Mool statue, the remains of a Teotlachtli ball court, clay and stone seals, a cylindrical serpent, a skull rack, a knotted snake and snake belt, and a calendar that was hollowed out to turn it into a baptismal font.

For the Day of the Dead, the museum is yet another place where you can see a display of skulls, elegant and skeletal catrina women, and altars. Facilities also include a sizeable library and an internet center, both open to the public.




MUSEO Andres Quintana Roo, San Miguel, San Andrés Mixquic, CDMX, México

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