Da un paseo en bici
Things to do

Take a spin on a bike

Get some exercise in by pedaling new spots around the Island.

Bikes and Holbox are inseparable. Experience the sensation of pedaling through the island and exploring all its corners. You will see bikes everywhere since they are the best way to explore the island.

Where to rent bikes in Holbox

As you see bikes in Holbox, you might wonder where to get one. Many hotels offer bikes for rent, just ask at reception. Additionally, there are rental companies with good prices ranging from $8.00 USD for 7 hours to $14.00 USD for 24 hours. 

Bikes Holbox is the most popular company, but you can find several spots by simply walking down the street. Note that not all bikes work well on the island’s sandy streets; you need bikes with fat tires and coaster brakes. It’s always best to rent from a hotel or a bike rental company.

What is it like?

The inhabited part of Holbox is very small, only about 3.1 miles long, so you can pedal from one end to the other in 20 minutes. While riding on the sandy streets, spot numerous bird species and lose yourself in the island’s lush vegetation. With few vehicles on the streets, the experience is very enjoyable. 

Biking on the beach is wonderful, but it’s forbidden to take bikes into the ocean to avoid disturbing marine life. 

Similarly, bikes are not allowed in the protected area beyond the hotel zone.


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Playa Holbox, Quintana Roo, México

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