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Cuadra San Francisco

The Cuadra San Francisco (San Francisco Stables) was founded by Francisco J. Barrena, an internationally renowned horse trainer, and his son Valente F. Barrena, who now runs it.  

If you love horseback riding, you will find a variety of private excursions along trails: hour-long trips through the hills of Venado Blanco, where you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the Baja California Peninsula, or along the Cabo Real beach. The two-hour long trips are along a trail that combines the hills and the beach, or a ride along the canyon and the Arroyo San Carlos (San Carlos Stream). 

Cuadra San Francisco also offers horse-riding lessons for locals and tourists at all levels, for children and adults from beginners to experts. Every lesson is personalized according to each rider’s level. Perhaps you only wish to perfect your abilities or learn a new skill… This is a great choice for enjoying a horseback ride in paradise.


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Cuadra San Francisco, Carretera Federal 1, Baja California Sur, México

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