Zona Arqueológica de Xochicalco
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Walk Around the Xochicalco Archeological Site

Zona Arqueológica de Xochicalco

Located 24 miles from Cuernavaca, this archeological site (whose name means “Place of the House of Flowers”) is known for its sculpted reliefs, particularly those at the Temple of the Feathered Serpent. There is an intermediate platform with noteworthy spaces such as the 131 x 230-foot square known as El Mercado. There’s another square behind this one with a hundred-foot-wide staircase leading to the Plaza de la Estela de los Dos Glifos. There’s also an observatory where they studied the sun’s movements.




Zona Arqueológica de Xochicalco, Xochicalco, Azteca, Temixco, Mor., México

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