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Walk Along the Seafront and Contemplate the Sunset from the Pier


To really get to know Isla Aguada you have to walk along its seafront where you will find its true essenceGaleón Capitán Marro has been bringing people together for two years; first as a café and then as a bar, and now as a tourist stop where you can take photographs that will remind you of the days of pirates. Another place to capture your postcard image with the sea as your backdrop is the Parador fotográfico (the town’s name in giant 3D letters for photographs); you will spot distinctive elements of the island as part of their design. 

On Calle Marina you will see the Capilla de la Virgen de Guadalupe, the first catholic church built on the island. To one side you can see a freshwater spring, where they say the Spanish sailors and pirates would come to fill their barrels with freshwater before continuing on their journeys. 

The best place to spent the afternoon on Isla Aguada is on its pier, from where you can watch the sunset and life pass you by as the birds fly overhead. 





Isla Aguada, Camp., México

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