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Walk Through the Streets of Todos Santos

Some of them are still sand or old clay, but all the streets are full of interesting stores. Between gardens, fruity aromas and family vegetable plots, your feet will lead you to Calle Benito Juárez, where you will find the legendary Hotel California. Also on this property is Emporio, its highly recommended store-gallery, where they sell clothes from the 1970s as well as all kinds of souvenirs, Persian carpets and works of art such as bronze sculptures. 

There are many galleries, among them one that belongs to Gabriel Rodríguez, better known as Gabo, where he exhibits all his paintings. You will be surprised by the unique creations by the artists in this Magical Town! Moreover, on the streets you will find countless stores selling textiles and jewelry, original creations in gold and silver.  





Todos Santos, B.C.S., México

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