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The market is the gateway into the town’s colors, smells and flavors.

Compra artesanías de Zacatecas

If you like cintos piteados (embroidered leather belts) and leather goods in general, visit the Municipal Market and find Don Marcos Muñoz’s workshop. The market is also a universe of flavors where you can find honey and cajeta (soft toffee), El Sitio’s beef jerky, sweets and jars of tornachiles (light green, trumpet-shaped chilies). Ask for Doña Tacha’s gorditas (deep-fried pockets of cornmeal dough with a savory filling), or Don Chente’s Birriería (restaurant serving birria, stewed meat).

To find the typical huaraches from Zacatecas, visit the Comercial Jiménez store, also located within the market but facing Calle Lic. José María Roque.

Useful Information

Go to the home and workshop of Juan Ortiz Prieto, located on Enrique Estrada 18-A, for the chance to see his pinewood chairs, these are unique designs!



Mercado Municipal Nochistlan, Esperanza Quezada, Centro, Nochistlán de Mejía, Zacatecas, México

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