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Conoce sus Clubes de Playa
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In Tequesquitengo, you’ll find a number of beach clubs where you can play sports both on and off the lake. All of them have restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and lounge chair areas.

Below are a few options to help you better plan your trip.

Playa Linda:

A bar-restaurant with a family atmosphere and jet ski and motorboat rentals.

T. 734 105 1522

Address: Privada Playa Linda

Playa Ejidal Tequesquitengo 

There’s a swimming pool, playground, green areas, and boat and jet ski rentals. They also have secure parking with surveillance.

Address: Calle Laguna Ibera.


The club has a swimming pool and restaurant on the lakeshore. They offer water ski lessons, boat rides, lounge chairs, and jacuzzis.

T. 734 125 1929

Address: 100 Río Humaya, Club de Yates 

Paradise Sky Club

Lodging, spa, restaurant, and a swimming pool.

T. 734 347 0499

Address: 40-B Circunvalación Ave. 

Playa Coqueta

Camping and kayak outings. There are showers, changing rooms, and bathrooms.

T. 734 155 3970

Address: 100 Playa Coqueta Street

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Playa ejidal tequesquitengo, Calle Laguna Ibera, Tequesquitengo, Mor., México

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