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Presa del Llano
Presa de Villa del Carbón

If you’re a fan of ecotourism, here, you’ve got plenty of options for turning your vacation into an adventure. From Mexico City via the Tlalnepantla-Villa del Carbón road, there’s Presa Bonito Juárez.

There’s also Presa del Llano, one of the most popular reservoirs to visit, just 7 miles southwest of Villa del Carbón. There, you can take a boat ride to see the entire reservoir, fish, or come ready for a day in the country among the trees.

You can also enjoy Presa Taxhimay, over the submerged ruins of what was once the town of San Luis de las Peras. It which was flooded to create the reservoir in the 1930s. Be sure to snap up some photos of the two belltowers peeking out over the water.


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Presa del Llano, Las Vigas, Villa del Carbón, Méx., México

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