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Admire the View From La Rumorosa

Four viewpoints await in La Rumorosa for those who travel along the highway. Some have lookout towers and a telescope; others show the presence of a local artist. The viewpoint of La Casa de Piedra allows you to see the Cerro del Centinela in the distance, the Valle Imperial to the left and the Laguna Salada to the right.  

At Km 61, the Ojo de Águila (“Eagle Eye”) viewpoint is home to a monument created by Jaliscan artist Oscar Ortega. Very closely is the El Cóndor viewpoint, with a sculpture depicting a Baja Californian Condor bird of prey, a work by Mexicali artist Víctor Javier Rodríguez. The work references the project to reintroduce the majestic bird in San Pedro Mártir.  

Along the highway at Km 54, you’ll find the viewpoints La Rumorosa and El Caballo Blanco. Visitors who stop here will see regional icons depicted in the letters forming the La Rumorosa signboard sculpture: from condors and bighorn sheep to cave paintings and rattlesnakes. To one side is a sculpture of a white horse, making reference to the corrido song by José Alfredo Jímenez which recounts a majestic steed passing by this place. The sculpture by Francisco Méndez and Víctor Rodríguez also pays homage to the singer himself.  






Mirador Ojo De Águila, Mexicali-Tijuana, Manchón Blanco, B.C., México

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