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Enjoy Fresh Trout from the Trout Farms

If you want to try the fresh flavor of trout, the trout farms in Magdalena Contreras will provide everything you need.

In the areas surrounding the Río Magdalena, between forests, waterfalls and streams, a sustainable trout fishing project has been created. Without affecting the environment negatively, the inhabitants of this area carefully look after their trout farm units which contain rainbow and brown trout, rainbow and albino salmon, and an endemic species called Oro Viejo (old gold). Altogether, their annual production is up to around 20 tons. In the Corredor Ecoturístico Los Dínamos, at the level of the Segundo Dínamo (second Dínamo) you will find Rancho La Rosita, whose owner has dedicated herself to rearing trout for the past 35 years.




Criadero de Truchas "Rancho La Rosita", Ciudad de México, México

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