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Savor the Mescal Route

Discover and sample the ceremonial drink of the gods.

Set off on the Ruta del Mezcal (Mescal Route) in Oaxaca’s capital city. There are a number of restaurants and bars where you can try mescal and get a taste for what awaits on the rest of the journey.

Continue on to Mitla and Tlacolula where you will find several interesting palenques where mescal is made. Finally, you come to Santiago Matatlán, the mecca of mescal and the route’s grand finale. Here, 40 percent of the world’s mescal is made.

Useful Information

The route’s stops are on the rustic side, and almost all the palenques where mescal is made are worksites, full of maguey pulp, dust, and smoke.





Santiago Matatlán, Oax., México

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