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Relax at One of Morelos’s Haciendas

Morelos’s economy used to be based on livestock and sugar production at the state’s haciendas. Hacienda San Antonio Atlacomulco was founded by Hernán Cortés, who began sugarcane farming in what is today Morelos. There’s also Hacienda Cocoyoc, which enjoyed great prosperity throughout the 19th century, eventually expanding to well over 9,000 acres by the early 20th century.

Hacienda de Chinameca was one of the last haciendas to be built in Morelos, in the early 20th century. It is known for the role it played during the Mexican Revolution, as the site where Emiliano Zapata was killed. Finally, 9.3 miles from Cuernavaca you’ll find the Hacienda San Antonio El Puente, an enormous structure surrounded by gardens that blends contemporary design with Spanish colonial elements.




Catedral de Cuernavaca, Miguel Hidalgo, Cuernavaca Centro, Centro, Cuernavaca, Mor., México

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