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Discover Pulled Thread Needleworkers

Ruta Artesanal en Calvillo

Deshilado, or pulled thread work, is a cherished tradition in Calvillo. Inspired by ancient Venetian drawn thread embroidery, but with a local touch, this craft continues to flourish in our times. If you visit Calvillo, you will surely find a craftsperson embroidering in the doorway to her house. It is a popular activity among local women, and they hand it down from generation to generation. 

Your best chance to take a piece home is in Andador CentenarioLa Labor, and La Panadera. In these places you can find not only pulled thread work, but jewelry crafted from seeds and agates, an enormous range of traditional candies, and other types of embroidery work. 



Calle Centenario, Zona Centro, Calvillo, Ags., México

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