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Try the Barbacoa Tacos, Compuesta Sandwiches, and Sweet Glorias

Don’t leave Linares without sampling its traditional fare.

Enjoy the Northeast’s signature dishes: goat, beef cortadillo stew, and slow-roasted barbacoa tacos. The local specialties are legendary. The compuesta sandwiches are (literally) composed of a soft roll bathed in a chorizo sausage and tomato sauce then layered with vegetables and cheese or hard-boiled egg–a true delicacy. And of course, you have to indulge yourself with the famous sweet glorias–caramelized milk and pecans–, marquetas–another similar candy–, dried meat, chorizo sausage, and delicate hojarasca cookies.




Plaza Puerta Del Sol, Francisco I. Madero, Centro de Linares, Linares, N.L., México

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