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Bahía de Santa Cruz is the heart of Huatulco. Activity here centers on its dock, where yachts and tourist vessels are moored. It is surrounded by shops, small restaurants, and tourism agencies. If you would like to take a sailing excursion or snorkel, this is the spot to find it. Catamarans and group tours also embark from here, visiting seven of the nine bays. They stop to snorkel, scuba dive, and watch marine life (these tours last from five to seven hours). You can also try your hand at rafting on the lovely but lesser-known Copalita river, or Jet Ski, windsurf, kayak, rappel, and try zip lines.

If you’re interested in a personalized tour, you can sign up for a Jet Ski tour along a similar route but with the perk that you can stop wherever you tell the guide. On the same bay is a cruise ship dock, receiving at least one large ship a week. In the middle of the bay, behind the small Capilla de la Santa Cruz chapel, you will see Santa Cruz beach. It is one of the most popular and busy because it is well-suited for children to swim.

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Bahía Santa Cruz, Bahía Santa Cruz, Crucecita, Oax., México

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