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Try Álamos’ Traditional Cuisine

Cheese soup is very traditional, served both at home and in local restaurants. You will love the beef burritos and chiltepín chili pepper, which is very common in the region’s cuisine. Travelers who have spent time in the area always recommend Teresita’s Panadería & Bistro for breakfast, featuring freshly-baked bread and a pleasant atmosphere.

The enchiladas in Hacienda de los Santos’ restaurant also deserve a mention. In Doña Lola Cenaduría (Volantín neighborhood, close to the Town Hall building), you can try authentic homemade Northern food, such as stuffed chiles rellenos, at great prices. Ask if they have gallina pinta or so-called “pozole de pobre” (poor man’s pozole), which earned its nickname because instead of chicken, the soup has pinto beans and corn cooked with beef. In Cantina Zapata (also in Hacienda de los Santos) you can taste more than 500 different tequilas, and the region’s quintessential drink—bacanora, a cousin of tequila.




Teresita´s Panaderia Y Bistró, Ignacio Allende, La Colorada, Alamos, Son., México

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