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Take a Culinary Tour

The markets: an exchange of color and flavor.

Are you a lover of good food? The city of Guanajuato offers gastronomical delicacies that will leave you licking your fingers. If you would like to–literally–take a taste of this place home with you, visiting its traditional food markets would be a great idea.

Guanajuato’s typical dishes are closely linked with the region’s mining past. Perhaps the most emblematic dish is the miner’s enchiladas, fried tortillas filled with cheese and covered in a guajillo chili salsa, served with potatoes and carrots… It’s absolutely delicious!

You can find other snacks and meals in the markets too, such as pozole (spicy chickpea soup), menudo (tripe soup), seafood, pacholas (fried beef patties), and the famous guacamayas, a typical dish from León that consists of a bread roll filled with pork crackling, pickled pig skin, lime and salsa. 


Mercado de Gavira

De Gavira 72, Historic Center, Guanajuato (close to the Iglesia de la Valenciana)

Mercado Hidalgo

Juárez Ave., no number, Historic Center, Guanajuato




Mercado De Gavira, Zona Centro, Guanajuato, Gto., México

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