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Take Handicrafts Home with You

Ceramics, jewelry made from coffee beans, baskets, clay items, hammocks, manta (coarse cotton cloth) items, tablecloths, wooden furniture, masks, wicker items, shawls, talavera ceramic pieces, are only a selection of the handicrafts you might find. You can also buy dulce de leche candy made from seeds and artisanal jamoncillo (milk fudge). Don’t leave without buying some coffee made in the area!

Useful Information

In the Cerritos Market you will find culture and gastronomy on offer, with meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy.


Mercado Cerritos

Poniente 32, Cerritos




Mercado San Juan de los Cerritos, Poniente 32, Cerritos, Orizaba, Ver., México

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