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Visit the Museo de los Ferrocarrileros

The history of rail transport in Mexico is exhibited in this facility, built in 1907 to be La Villa train station.

For the last thirteen years, La Villa train station, which at the beginning of the 20th century was the place to catch a train for Veracruz, has been a museum dedicated to displaying collections about railroads.

Check out the roof of the museum which has a stone and iron dome built with railway tracks. The outside features a stone balustrade.

The museum’s star is a locomotive called “Sin Fuego” (Fireless). Instead of using a boiler, its engine was run by steam produced in an external electrical generator. Sin Fuego is a fireless steam-powered locomotive from the U.S. and is thought to be the only one in Mexico.




Museo de los Ferrocarrileros, Aragón La Villa(Aragón), Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

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