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Take a Trip Over the Laguna de Mandinga

Around this lagoon you’ll find laid-back restaurants offering typical food and drinks from the region. Make sure to try the pámpano a la sal (whole fish baked in sea salt crust).

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Explore the ecosystem of wetlands, mangrove swamps, lagoons and small islands that the Laguna de Mandinga has to offer. It’s the perfect place for a boat trip, where you will be shown what fishing is like in the area.

Enjoy the beautiful view that surrounds you as you cross from the small to the large lagoon: admire the small islands and the bird refuge for blue and white herons, pelicans, seagulls, cormorants, hawks, swifts, ducks and a great variety of migratory birds.

This is also the perfect place to camp, thanks to the green areas around the edge of the lake, or if you prefer, you can stay in one of the area’s hotels. Either way, the starry night sky will keep you company during your quiet moments of contemplation.





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Laguna de mandinga, Veracruz, México

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