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Hear the Mexican Muralist in Polyforum Siqueiros

Polyforum Siquieros holds the world’s largest mural, as well as bringing together graphic arts, theater, and design. 

La marcha de la humanidad (The March of Humanity), the emblematic work of the Mexican muralism movement, gave rise to this multi-purpose forum. David Alfaro Siqueiros’ masterpiece covers the 93,600 square feet of the structure. The dodecahedron formed by the architecture displays twelve complementary sculptural paintings. 

Visiting the forum means encountering Siqueiros’ philosophy expressed through his diverse techniques and materials. Each space emphasizes Mexican muralism’s contributions to the art world. 

Over the years, this museum-gallery-theater has won its place among the world’s top museums. A museum; shows of paintings, sculpture, and photography; and plays all take place here. 

In the Foro Universal, holding the forum’s raison d’être, visitors can hear Siquieros describe his mural La marcha de la humanidad while standing on a rotating platform in the middle of a light and sound show. 




Polyforum Siqueiros, Colonia Nápoles, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

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