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Try Tlatonile and Other Typical Flavors

This is a kind of mole of pre-Hispanic origin and Coscomatepec’s most traditional dish. The story goes that this dish was offered by the mother of the groom during a wedding. In Veracruz it’s prepared with chicken or beef, its consistency is thick, and the sauce is made of comapeño chilli, chile ancho, sesame seeds, and epazote. Take the opportunity during your visit to try barbacoa de borrego (lamb slow-cooked in pits), which you will find in the stalls on the streets bordering the main square. For dessert, try some bread baked in the La Fama bakery. Their specialties are pan de leche (milk bread) and cubiletes (traditional pastries).





Coscomatepec de Bravo, Veracruz, México

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