Things to do

Try Traditional Food

In the Mercado Municipal (town market), try the chaya gourd with eggs and wash it down with a coconut pozol (drink made with corn). In Los Mestizos restaurant, sample the tamales steamed in banana leaves, panuchos (a tortilla filled with black beans and piled with toppings), or a lima soup prepared with a variety of lime. In Kinich, enjoy the beans and pork, chilmole or black relleno (turkey stewed in chili peppers), spicy roasted cochinita pibil (pork), and the specialty: poc chuc (meat, usually pork, flavored with citrus). In Zamna, savor rabbit in pumpkin-seed sauce, paired with xtabentún (a liquor with anise and honey). Dessert could be papaya candy with bola cheese or some marzipan.





Mercado Municipal De Izamal Yuc., Calle 30, Centro, Izamal, Yuc., México

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