Things to do

Try the Local Gastronomy


Yuriria’s gastronomy is closely linked with the fields that surround the town. This is why they cook dishes using ingredients such as frog’s legs or squirrel meat (eaten in mole sauce). 

An excellent option for trying local appetizers is to head to the central square at sunset. Here you can treat yourself to what the food stalls have to offer while enjoying the area’s traditional atmosphere. If you prefer something more formal, there are small restaurants close to the square that serve local specialties. Another option is to head to the lakeshore, where there are seafood restaurants.

Don’t Miss Out On

The caldo michi (fish broth with sour prickly pear), grilled fish, peanut tamales, buñuelos de viento (sweet fritters), chickpea atole, and wheat atole. 




Yuriria, Gto., México

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