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Try Brujitas and the Tacos de Papel

Come and try brujitas (“little witches”) and make them fly…


Brujitas are fried empanadas filled with shredded beef, potato and cheese, or beans. They are sprinkled with salt. The recipe belongs to just one family and they were given this name because they were once sold under the colonnades and they “flew” off the shelves. Now you can find them in Jardín Hidalgo 215, or at Calle Urribary 115.

Another dish you have to try are the tacos de papel (“paper tacos”), which are made using very thin tortillas, fried in lard, and filled with potato and mincemeat, beans, green chilies and cheese, and shredded beef. Lettuce, cream and salsa are sprinkled on top. Find them on Calle Colegio Militar, next to Plazuela de San Francisco.



Jardín Hidalgo 215, Centro, Sombrerete, Zac., México

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