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Try the Nieves Barrón in the Municipal Market

This busy community space is also home to two legendary businesses. Here you will find the classic Birriería Don Chente, a culinary success founded in 1935. If you want to try the birria (slow cooked meat stew), either lamb or goat, make sure you get here early. And don’t forget about Nieves Barrón, the nieves de garrafa (barrel sorbets) that Rubén Barrón and his three sons serve non-stop to whoever asks for them. There’s chocolate, coconut, walnut, guava, melon, strawberry, lime, coffee, and biscuit flavor, but their specialty is the “revuelto” (scrambled), which is nothing other than vanilla sorbet with raspados (ice scrapings) of strawberry flavor.





Mercado Municipal Nochistlan, Esperanza Quezada, Centro, Nochistlán de Mejía, Zacatecas, México

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