Things to do

Try the Raspanieves

To the north of the garden, under the 19th-century Portal Inguanzo, you will find the El Paraíso ice-cream shop, where you must try the famous raspanieves. Made with ice-cream, chipped ice and a drizzle of jam, this is almost an obligatory stop before leaving the Jardín Rafael Páez. Just before entering the garden you will find the famous sorbet cart “La Ermita”, another opportunity to savor the delicious raspanieve. It consists of a big glass with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream in it, as well as chipped ice in the middle, and strawberry or guava jam dripping all the way through it.





Portal Inguanzo, San Luis, Zona Centro, Jerez de García Salinas, Zacatecas, México

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