Puerto Aventuras Golf & Racquet Club
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Puerto Aventuras Golf & Racquet Club: Experience Golfing in the Riviera Maya

Play golf in one of the most famous tourist communities in the Riviera Maya and explore the first golf course designed by Thomas Lehman. Discover it!

Puerto Aventuras Golf & Racquet Club

Escape your routine to live one of the Riviera Maya’s most extraordinary experiences at Puerto Aventuras, renowned for its marina, golf courses, and luxurious residential developments. 

If you’re a golf enthusiast, this place will captivate you as it was the first of Thomas Lehman’s designs built in 1991. Play against an unforgettable sunset backdrop in a paradisiacal setting, surrounded by exotic landscapes and local wildlife.

A Relaxing Course Overlooking the Sea 

The course features 9 holes, par 36, allowing you to practice while traversing the field lined with smooth Bermuda grass that guides you at the right moment to reach the ball, which often rolls towards the green.

Services at Puerto Aventuras Golf & Racquet Club 

Golf Course 

You can play either 9 or 18 holes if time permits. You can navigate the course by walking, using a pull cart, or opting for an electric cart. Opening hours start early, at 7:00 AM, and conclude at 7:00 PM. 

Put your best moves into practice to patiently overcome obstacles and turn each stroke into a lesson. Thus, at the end of each round, you’ll discover your strength and dedication.

Driving Range Academy 

If you’re not an expert but aspire to be one, you can practice at the school, which offers professional services in any of its classrooms: 

  • Golf academy for men, women, or children 
  • Private lessons

Tennis Practice at Puerto Aventuras Golf & Racquet Club 

Immerse yourself in exploring various sporting arenas until you find your favorite. If you wish to try sports other than golf, the tennis court is set amidst lush plants, offering you the chance to challenge your own limits and exceed your expectations.


Puerto Aventuras Golf & Racquet Club, Carr. Federal Chetumal, Juárez, Puerto Aventuras, Q.R., México

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