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Explore the Corredor Escultórico Chihuahua

The last sculpture on this pedestrian street is “El Corrido de Chihuahua” by sculptor Fernando González Gortázar, beside the Palacio de Gobierno building. 

If you want to walk this stretch lined with sculptures, start on Paseo Bolívar street, where you can see five of the twelve works of art that make up this corridor that is one of its kind in Mexico. Admire the sculptures between Parque Lerdo and Quinta Gameros. 

Continue on down Victoria street, from Plaza de Armas to the Palacio de Gobierno building to see the remaining seven pieces. 

The sculptures were donated by local business leaders. In a short stretch, you can see works by great national and international artists, such as Vicente Rojo from Spain, the Mexicans Federico Silva and José Luis Cuevas, the Brit Brian Nissen, and the dean of Mexican sculpture, Manuel Felguérez. 




Centro Chihuahua, Avenida Juárez, Zona Centro, Chihuahua, Chih., México

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