Palacio Municipal-Boca del Rio-Veracruz
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plaza civiva Boca del Rio-Veracruz
Palacio Municipal-Boca del Rio-Veracruz
Parroquia de Santa Ana-Boca del Rio-Veracruz
Playas-Boca del Rio-Veracruz-Playa-desde zona hotelera
World Trade Center-Vercaruz-Boca del Rio
Estadio-Boca del Rio-Veracruz
Campo de Beisbol-Boca del Rio
Foro Boca vista aerea-Veracruz

Boca del Río is known not just for its lovely beaches, but also for being a hub for modern hotels and shopping centers, historic buildings, and colonial architecture.

Its first heart belongs to its cultural tourism, which is centered around the entirely white Palacio Municipal, as well as the Main Square or Plaza de Armas Benito Juárez. The Parroquia de Santa Ana parish church is an architectural treasure, built in 1776. Enjoy the sunset with music and verses from the jarana players.

Its second heart, important for contemporary life, is the Convention and Exhibition Center: World Trade Center Veracruz, Foro Boca, La Villa Rica Golf Club, and its two emblematic football and baseball stadiums: Estadio Luis Pirata Fuente and Estadio Beto Ávila. The Boulevard will provide you with nightlife and entertainment.





Zócalo Boca del Río, Zona Centro, Centro, Boca del Río, Ver., México

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