Things to do

Explore the Handicraft Studios

Browse ceramics, straw art, feather art, wire art, silverwork, and glass balls in the shops and studios around town.

Visit the Casa de Santa Claus, where you can see how glass Christmas balls are made. Casa Morales has been selling fruit liqueurs for several years, and Casa de la Conserva specializes in candy made with the state’s fruit.

Another must-see studio is the one run by expert artist Luis Olay, on Olivos street. Here, landscapes, people, and scenes from his imagination are featured in pictures made of multicolored feathers.

Then, head to Artemanías studio where Raúl Rodríguez creates glass figures. On Saturdays in his workshop you can observe his skill in action. There are also rings, earrings, Virgins, and an endless array of pieces available to buy.





Tlalpujahua de Rayón, Michoacán, Mexico

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