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Enjoy a Dish from the UVC

The Universidad de la Vera Cruz de Zacatecas (UVC) has transformed into a showcase of new dishes and re-interpretations. Here, the international chef Patrick Martin adapts European techniques, mainly from France, to the products and flavors of Zacatecas and Mexico, to create fusion food with its own particular character. The tradition and preparation of certain ingredients, used in the gastronomy of Zacatecas, are appreciated here using innovative flavors.

In the university cafeteria, they prepare an asado de boda (pork and chili stew), in which the meat has been cooked for 18 hours, served with beans and a side of sweet potato. There is also the tilapia rellena de xoconostle (tilapia stuffed with prickly pear) covered in asado de boda salsa, the chile relleno con chorizo de Malpaso (chili stuffed with Malpaso chorizo) and the queso flameado al mezcal (mescal flambéed cheese).






Universidad de la Vera-Cruz, José López Portillo, Las Arboledas, Guadalupe, Zacatecas, México

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