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Try the Enchiladas and Other Delicious Local Dishes

Get your mouth watering now: tulteca enchiladas made with colored tortillas, cheese, chorizo, lettuce, onion, tomato, peas, pequin peppers, and chicken; pumpkin seed pipián stew; edible Joshua tree flowers; gordas de horno cookies; anise-flavored arepita cookies; and tamales. All of these and more can be found in Las Parrillas, El Típico, La Misión, El Herradero, and Cafetería La Presidencia. And there is no shortage of dessert options: almond cheese candy, fig-leaf gourd, popcorn balls, and candied squash and sweet potatoes.

Pop into Cactu Nieves, an organic ice cream shop featuring exotic desert fruit. Try the garambullo berry, prickly pear, barrel cactus, spiny hackberry, pitaya, and mesquite flavors, on one side of Plaza de Armas.



Cactus Nieves, Tula Centro, Ciudad Tula, Tamps., México

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