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Hunt Down Some Pulque Bread

One of the most popular kinds of bread throughout the country is pan de pulque, or pulque bread. It is made with wheat flour, vegetable shortening, sugar, eggs, yeast, and of course, the customary pulque. As we know, pulque was considered a sacred drink for Aztec gods. This bread is so popular that it is considered an essential part of most towns’ festivals. When visiting Real del Monte, you will come across several stands that make it. Don’t worry, its unmistakable aroma will lead you to them!

What to Know

Pulque bread comes in many shapes, including one called cartucho, or cartridge, named for its triangular shape, and as a round loaf. The version with a chocolate crust and yellow topping is called bonete (bonnet) or picón.



Real del Monte, Hgo., México

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