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Scuba Dive in Bahía de Kino

Have a great time exploring the soft sand, take in lovely green spaces, and experience the history of a culture.

Bahía de Kino, part of the municipality of Hermosillo, is a great place to scuba dive in the Gulf of California. We recommend taking advantage of the specialized services to guide you safely underwater. Then get ready to discover the stunning array of multi-colored fish, small invertebrates, large crustaceans, sea turtles, and manta rays. Get close to the rocky shores and join the sea lions sunning themselves there.

Savor sweeping desert views and one of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, and unwind by the water. You can try your hand at sandboarding, letting your feet slide down the golden slopes of sand.

Learn about Seri culture. This indigenous nation calls itself the Konkaak or Comca’ac, which means “people” in their language and “men of sand” in Yaqui. Visit the Museo de los Seris which displays the art and culture of this group that continues to practice, preserve, and share with visitors its own way of life.






Museo de los Seris, Progreso, Bahía de Kino, Son., México

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