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Explore the Sustenta Bioparque San Antonio as a Family

This bio-park has existed ever since the end of 2011. It is one of the first green, recycled and ecological spaces in the city.

In what was once a vacant lot used to store debris, the Architecture Faculty at UNAM created this landscaping and architectural project under the direction of the SEMARNAT.

The bio-park is in favor of sustainability and the rational use of national resources. It has a solar farm that produces its electricity. Rainwater is collected and treated for subsequent reuse.

Its sixty hectares contains large green areas, an artificial lake, a forested area, a plant nursery and a compost zone. There is also a forum for artistic activities, a library, a multi-functional hall, reading spaces and a cafeteria.

For the little ones, there is a playpark and two zip lines, 328 and 492 feet long. For those who wish to explore it by bike, there is a cycle path that will take you to every corner of the park.

Make sure not to miss some of the trails that reach the forested area and allow for long walks and hikes amongst the ash and pirul trees.




Bioparque San Antonio, Avenida Central, Carola, San Pedro de los Pinos, Delegation, CDMX, Mexico

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