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Head to Salto de Quetzalapan


At the border with Zacatlán, a little over 4 miles from Chignahuapan, there’s the Salto de Quetzalapan and the tourist center built around this gushing, 656-foot high waterfall.

The Quetzalapan River, which originates at Lake Chignahuapan, creates these falls. People practice rappel next to the waterfall, brave the heights on the zipline that runs above it, and kids can do the same on a children’s zipline that crosses the river, or walk along the high voltage wire for a bit of adrenaline as you cross it. There’s also a designated camping area.


Located 5 miles from Chignahuapan. Take road 119 to Zacatlán and turn right, where a dirt road leads to the waterfall.


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Cascadas Salto de Quetzalapan, Quetzalapa, Chignahuapan, Pue., México

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