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Visit Isla Tiburón

Secret, totally virgin beaches, legends, and surprising wildlife… This is Isla Tiburón, the largest island in Mexico, whose name literally means Shark Island. Who wouldn’t want to visit?

Isla Tiburón is Mexico’s largest island and is protected as a nature reserve by both the Seri people and the federal government. The island is part of the Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna Islas del Golfo de California (Plant and Wildlife Protected Area of the Gulf of California Islands) and stretches across the Islas de San Esteban, Turner, and Patos.

There are tours specifically for visitors that are regulated by permits granted by Seri authorities in Punta Chueca. The nature reserve’s wildlife is varied, and highlights include bighorn sheep, mule deer, and white-tailed deer. The island forms the habitat for some 64 marine plant species, more than 200 kinds of birds, plus reptiles, amphibians, and fish.




Isla Tiburón, Sonora, México

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