iburones-en-el-Bajio_Acuario leon
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Visit the New Aquarium

iburones-en-el-Bajio_Acuario leon

Children as well as adults love ocean life and aquariums are a great way of seeing it up close. What’s amazing is that to visit these incredible pools filled with fish, you no longer have to travel to the coast, you can see them in big cities too, just like here in León’s new aquarium.

In the Acuario del Bajío in León’s Plaza Altacia, you can go and see more than 300 species present in 33,000 square feet. You can see a blacktip shark, crocodiles, rays, jellyfish, seahorses and many kinds of coral reef fish. 




Acuario Del Bajio, Capulín, Cerrito de Jerez Norte, León, Gto., México

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