Things to do

Visit Its Recreational Centers

Unplug from your daily routine and spend some time in nature in one of Villa del Carbón’s recreational centers.

Drift off to sleep surrounded by nature and enjoy facilities such as spring-fed swimming pools, a traditional temescal sauna, a stream with clean water, and a campground.


3 Hermanos

San Juan de la Tablas, El Rinconcito de Loma Alta, after Cahuacán.

Las Plantas

Km 3.5 on the Villa del Carbón-Tepeji del Río road in La Cañada, Villa del Carbón.

La Capilla

Km 8.5 on the Villa del Carbón-Altalcomulco road.

El Chinguirito

Km 4 on the Villa del Carbón-Atlacomulco road, Villa del Carbón.


Sports & Mountains



Centro Vacacional Hotel Campestre CHINGUIRITO, Villa del Carbon, Villa del Carbón, Méx., México

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