Baja Film Studios

Little Boy, Pearl Harbor, 007: Tomorrow Never Dies, X-Men 3: The final battle and Master and Commander are just some of the movies produced in the over 44 acres of this studio’s space, built in 1997 for the filming of TitanicInside the facilities there are huge tanks for filming water scenes both inside and out, and even a submergible set. As an independent studio, projects of all budget ranges can be filmed here.  
Titanic‘s iconic love scene on the bow of the ocean liner, part of the props for Pearl Harbor and X-Men 3 and the recreation of a picturesque 1940s fishing village are just some of the scenes set by this studio.  

The outstanding facilities and the location close to Tijuana and LA have made this place overlooking the Pacific Ocean one of the world’s most important cinema studios, even earning Rosarito the nickname “The Hollywood of Mexico”. 



Baja Film Studios, Carretera Transpeninsular, Baja California, México

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