Cañón del Pegüis

Pegüis Canyon

Cañón del Pegüis

25 miles from Ojinaga on the Chihuahua-Ojinaga highway lies this canyon, named for the bird that inhabits it. It is 10 miles long and plunges up to 1,148 feet deep. The canyon’s sheer limestone walls were carved by the Conchos river, which flows through the bottom. 

You can kayak the river, and it is perfect for rafting and canyoning. There are also naturally occurring pools nearby where you can swim, as well as caves to explore. Furthermore, it has a large stretch of boulders to challenge those who are into climbing. 

In addition, the canyon also holds cave paintings with geometric shapes that date back thousands of years. 

In a spot known as El Salto, you can see typical desert vegetation such as barrel and prickly pear cactus interspersed with the rocks. 

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Cañón del Pegüis, Ojinaga, Chih., México

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