Hussong’s Cantina

To learn more about Ensenada, its people and their local folklore, you simply must visit this Cantina, which has been open since 1892. Founded by Johann Hussong, subsequent generations of his family have ensured the venue has prevailed. Bing Crosby and Steve McQueen have been guests here, as has Marilyn Monroe. 

The bar also claims to be the birthplace of the famous margarita cocktail. The truth is that, after so many years, the cantina has collected a plethora of stories and legends. The floor is littered with peanut shells, the walls covered with portraits, newspaper cuttings, drawings and photos. A mounted antelope head surveys the clientele from above, the bar is long, and the mirrors are old. The name of the canteen, written backwards, appears twice in the windows. The people here do not change: the barman, the mariachi musicians and even the shoe shiner are the same as always.



Cantina Hussong’s, Avenida Ruiz, Zona Centro, Ensenada, B.C., México

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