Capilla El Pocito

Pocito Chapel

Capilla del Pocito

A handful of European artistic tendencies and glimpses of pre-Colombian and Moorish art can be seen in this iconic chapel on the grounds of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s basilica. 

Its circular shape, enormous dome covered in blue and white tiles, and baroque mixtilinear windows with large, star-like points are striking even from a distance. 

It is undoubtedly a true architectural treasure from the colonial period, built over a spring producing miraculous waters. 

It is said that the chapel—designed by another notable architect from the colonial era, Francisco de Guerrero y Torres—is located on the spot where the Virgin first appeared to Juan Diego.  

The interior is dazzling. Not only are there 16 columns holding up the immense dome, but the dome itself, painted with flocks of angels, is fascinating. The friezes, cornices, and pulpit are also worth a closer look. In the vestibule is the small well for which the chapel is named. 

On the western side is the Jardín de las Rosas. This beautiful garden is filled with roses, trees, and fountains with water spurting from snakes’ heads, replicas of the ones on Quetzalcóatl pyramid in Teotihuacan. 




Capilla del Pocito, Plaza de las Américas, Villa Gustavo A. Madero, Ciudad de México, CDMX, México

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