Casa de la Cacica Cultural Center

This palace dates from 1560, and once served as the residence of the last Mixtec queen of the Teposcolula lands. The building is notable in the history of the Americas for being one of the few buildings in the hemisphere that shows a clear transition between traditional indigenous building techniques and those brought by the Europeans. The eastern patio of the structure was rescued and remodeled. You will see pointed arches and balconies with a clear Spanish influence alongside Mixtec decorative elements. Today the palace holds a well-stocked library and cultural center containing books on history, art, science, and young adult and children’s literature. Workshops are also offered here–all this demonstrating how ancient buildings, even those from pre-Hispanic times, can take on a new life and new value.




Casa de la Cacica, Carretera Federal 125, Ixtapa, Teposcolula, Oaxaca, México

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