Cenote Manatí

Cenote Manatí, Crocodile Panchito’s Home

Discover this beautiful spot with a one-of-a-kind ecosystem. Plus, this is home to a very friendly crocodile!

Cenote Manatí
Cenote Manatí

Casa Cenote or Cenote Manatí is a unique ecosystem located in Tulum. As it is very close to the ocean, this naturally occurring cenote pool holds salt water, fostering a diverse range of life-forms and organisms found in fresh and salt water. The spot is perfect for scuba diving, offering a glimpse of nature’s wonders. Check it out!

Cenote Manatí

Cenote Manatí, Where Manatees Lived

The name of this cenote pools stems from the time when manatees lived in the area. They used to appear regularly and swim with tourists. However, they have not been spotted recently. Nevertheless, if you are into aquatic adventures, you are sure to enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling here. This bit of paradise is only 10 minutes from Tulum and 90 minutes from Cancún. While it isn’t a true cenote, it is called one because of its amazing underground tunnels and caves, making it a fantastic place to dive. It is in Tankah residential area and can be reached by federal road 307.

The site is an immense ecosystem of mangroves, connected to the ocean through a 164-foot long tunnel. This gives it a unique ecosystem, blending freshwater organisms and marine creatures together. For this reason, it is the perfect place to check out native plants and animals.

Cenote Manatí

Moreover, Cenote Manatí is home to the famous crocodile Panchito, a friendly reptile who has been spotted many times swimming through the spot among the tourists. This has been Panchito’s home since he was a small croc, and there are no reports of attacks on humans. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that this is his natural habitat, and he is still a wild animal. So, we recommend showing him the respect he is due and staying a safe distance away. 

Activities to Try

  • Scuba diving in the caves and tunnels
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle boarding through the mangrove channels
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming


Entrance Fee: $150 pesos, including life jacket

Scuba Diving: $200 pesos

Fee for Entering with Professional Camera: $500 pesos

Fee for Entering with a Go Pro: $100 pesos

Locker Fee: $50 pesosHours: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM


Cenote Manati, Tankah Pueblo, Q.R., México

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