Cenote Zapote: Exploring Hell’s Bells

Discover the Hell’s Bells, a secret hidden beneath the water, over 10,000 years old!


Explore the Cenotes Route, and if your adventurous spirit leads you to delve into Mayan culture through nature, head to Cenote Zapote

Nestled within the Cenotes Zapote Prehistoric Park, this theme park in the jungle is situated along the Cenotes Route in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo.

Within this park lie four distinct cenote pools: the primary cenote, two open-air cenotes, and an underground cenote (cave)—they have existed for over 10,000 years. In this latter pool, besides uncovering submerged secrets, you’ll discover the history of Xibalbaonyx Oviceps, a kind of giant sloth that became extinct during the Ice Age.

Cenote Zapote: Submerged Bells

One of the unique attractions along this route is the speleothems, formations within the cavities of Cenote Zapote. While stalactites and stalagmites are the most recognized formations, here there are submerged formations at depths ranging from 95 to 115 feet. Remarkably, one end widens, resembling bells of various sizes. The largest ones measure up to six and a half feet in length and three feet in width.

What to Do at Cenote Zapote?

If you’re certified, dive into the main cenote and witness firsthand the marvel of Hell’s Bells, as they are colloquially known. You can also engage in overland activities such as jungle biking, platform jumping, riding zip lines through water, or even snorkeling with your personal equipment. Plus, there are additional extreme activities available at an extra cost.

Hours and Fees

Cenotes Zapote Ecopark is open daily, from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Various packages are available, offering different attractions, all including a buffet meal. The basic package costs $50 USD for adults and $40 USD for children, while the comprehensive package is priced at $125 USD for adults and $100 USD for children.


Cenote Zapote, Quintana Roo, México

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